color gamut

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color gamut

The entire range of colors available on a particular device such as a monitor or printer. A monitor, which displays RGB signals, typically has a greater color gamut than a printer, which uses CMYK inks. When a color is "out of gamut," it cannot be properly converted to the target device; for example, to a different type of printer. See color management system and color space.

Color Gamut


in fine and decorative art, a number of harmoniously related color nuances (with one predominating), used to create an artistic work. As a rule, this term is accompanied by the usual color definitions: thus, the color gamut is called warm, hot, cold, light, and the like.

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The volume comparison of color gamut of used input and output devices is shown in Tab.
The new LCD also achieves a wide color gamut of 72 percent (NTSC ratio), nearly equivalent to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) standard - the de-facto standard in broadcast fields.
Acers new Predator Z271UV will also thrill gaming enthusiasts with its rich color gamut and immersive curved display.
Since the color gamut is expanded dramatically, we are able to move even more jobs from our flexo presses to the Domino," says Ferguson.
In addition to the commonly acknowledged advantages of LCD TV, such as low power consumption and higher picture quality, the model adopts LED backlight which enables wider color gamut.
Other GF ink benefits include ultravibrant colors over a wide color gamut, expected print life of up to three years without lamination or need for special media, print life of up to five years with the application of Lyson Aqua Coat and environmentally safe formulation through the use of organic solvents.
The DMATS optical targets strategically sample the entire color gamut and luminance range encountered in electronic imaging.
Announces the Release of First of Its Kind QDEF (TM ) High Color Gamut Optical Film for LCDs, Ushers in New Era of Content Creation and Experience
Tech Retreat attendees will see for the first-time ever at this bellwether event an industry-leading laser projection solution; one that delivers incredible brightness, wider color gamut and astounding contrast.
Luminer says it purchased the SurePress based on quality, price point, color gamut, and Epson's service, and is using the inkjet digital label press to print high quality labels for diverse markets, including health and beauty, chemical and pharmaceutical.
Depending on the display, the LEDs in the combination of red (623 nm), green (527 nm), and blue (457 nm) cover more than 125 percent of the NTSC color gamut and are suitable for all directly backlit displays, particularly for large format LCDs in sizes of 24" diagonal and up.
Optimization resulting from high transmissivity of LTPS TFT LCD technology achieves a high luminance of 250cd/m2, a high contrast ratio of 400:1 and a wide color gamut of 70%, despite super-high density of 229 ppi.