color key

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color key

(1) (Color Key) See prepress proof.

(2) Also called "chroma key," it is a technique for superimposing one video image onto another. Widely used to place an interesting scene behind people such as a news reporter on TV, it is also used for creating special effects such as floating a car on the ocean.

The Blue or Green Screen
The foreground image is shot in front of a backdrop, which is a single, solid color, typically blue or green. When both images are combined, the background pixel takes precedence wherever a pixel of the solid color is found in the foreground image. If the foreground image is a person and the backdrop is blue, no articles of blue clothing can be worn or the background image will bleed through in those locations.

Green Screen Color Key
This Las Vegas scene was superimposed on every green pixel in the photo. Carefully look at the colors of the woman's blouse in both top and bottom images. The blouse was green and therefore picked up the blue sky in the background.
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The color keys were inadvertently reversed on the following graphs.
For more information about Fuller O'Brien and Devoe Paints or the Color Key system, contact Judi Wienclaw: Phone: (216) 344-8362.
The litigation between the companies was initiated by LaserMaster in response to the introduction of Sentinel's Color Key Ink Consumables for the LaserMaster DisplayMaker Product.
Sentinel also manufactures a DisplayMaker- compatible continuous ink system, the "Sentinel Color Key Ink Delivery System.
Users can export live video to other applications utilizing the newly added chroma and color key features.
FINISH V60 provides real-time audio EQ and audio effects, real-time preview transitions, alpha key and color key all at 300KB/frame picture quality.
The unique features of the CH8439 are its ability to accept full bandwidth analog RGB graphics and control the mixing of digital video inputs using a programmable analog color key and high-performance genlock.