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April 25-27--CPMA International Color Pigment Conference, "High Performance and Traditional Color Pigments--The Value of Color.
The two-day meeting, sponsored jointly by the Color Pigment Manufacturers Association (CPMA) and Rodman Publications, publishers of Happi, Ink World and Coatings World magazines, will concentrate on issues and developments in color pigments on a worldwide basis in the areas of paint, inks, cosmetics, plastics, ceramics and related business.
Rona, Hawthorne, NY, introduced Colorona Brilliant Green, a green color pigment with no added chromium.
When making a variety of colors, the pure white pigment paste can be premixed with a paste of pure color pigment in the required ratio.
the system performs in-line static mixing and dispensing of plastisol and color pigment.
The new Ultra Yellow exterior color utilizes a new high-luminance and high-chroma pearl pigment and three layers of top coat (with separate color pigment and pearl pigment layers) to create an almost "liquid" surface appearance.
Nearly three-quarters of the color pigment demand in the U.
NYSE: ROC), announces the introduction of a new generation of iron oxide color pigment fused with functional properties that respond to sunlight to enable surfaces to self-clean, reduce air pollutants and inhibit microbial growth.
Effective July 1, 2008 or as permitted by contracts, prices for all TiO2 color pigment products will increase by up to $0.
The Shepherd Color Company has introduced Dynamix Black 30C933, a pigment black stir-in inorganic color pigment.
For optimum color pigment efficiency, a Hegman grind of 6 (24 microns) or better is recommended.
He added, "The combination of our color pigment business with that of Elementis will result in a leading global producer of color pigments, with a more cost-effective production base and a full range of products and services for concrete, coatings and other specialty applications.