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At a press conference 40 years ago today, British Railways denied the 12-year colour bar at Euston had ever been a "real bar".
Suggesting it had been instigated by the workers out of a desire to protect their jobs, he said: "If we had wanted to impose a real colour bar we would not have done it this way.
Visitors to the Colour Bar eat at tables upon which Crown paint pots serve as condiment holders.
When people who had been to the Rat & Parrot walked into The Colour Bar, they couldn't believe it.
Bill I'oiier, secretary of the all-white 75(Miember club, admitted that the club had a colour bar - but denied it was the reason they stopped Mr, Carless holding his "surgeries" at the club.
To understand this project with its 'infinite number of obligations', it might help to realize that an eye for economy, together with an ingenious separation of programme functions--rendered in gorgeous colour bars in collaboration with Bruce Mau Design that recall Le Corbusier's vibrant colour keys--precipitated the stubby, irregular building shape outside.