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a depository for urns containing ashes after a cremation.

In ancient Rome they were specially erected buildings with rows of semicircular niches. An ancient Roman columbarium, built in the first century B.C. under Augustus, was discovered near Rome, on the Appian Way. Today cemeteries and crematoriums are equipped with columbaria.


One or a series of niches, intended to receive human remains. (See illustration p. 232.) columella Same as colonette.
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The public are also reminded to ascertain how the operators of private columbaria would look after the interests of their customers, such as whether and how they would refund or otherwise compensate their customers if the columbarium were to close down or be disallowed from operating.
Scabiosa columbaria, the small scabious, has lilac blooms and grows around 60cm (2ft) tall.
There's been a recent upsurge in churches who've added columbaria (niches for cremated remains) or scattering gardens to their buildings or grounds.
Above-ground columbaria niches range from $450 to $1,500 per person
Funding in VA's Minor Construction budget request would finance $58 million for land acquisition, gravesite expansion and columbaria projects.
Columbaria date back to early Greek and Roman times.
With the Phase I development completed, the cemetery now has 10,270 full casket gravesites, 1,000 columbaria niches and 1,000 in-ground sites for cremated remains.
Marble is reserved for honorific positions: the tomb chests themselves, the cloister and the urn columbaria in the tower (which are themselves partly enclosed by a finely wrought concrete structure).
As an alternative they can opt for a niche in one of two more structured columbaria which are subtly designed to blend naturally into The Woodlands design.