column footing

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footing beam

Same as tie beam, 2.
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Tenders are invited for rcc column footing columns beams slabs solid block masonry
Rocks and other material native to the stream will be added at the base of the column footing to help reduce erosion.
Due to the variation between the historic plans and what they found in actuality, team members were uncertain whether they hit all the interior column footings.
The engineering department soon identified that the boundary wall design could benefit from substantial cost saving by modifying the column footings from eccentric, as originally intended, to concentric.
front canopy, column footings, slab and foundation.
The work on the Jeffers Park Storage Building consists of 5-inch fiber reinforced concrete slab with haunched footings, column footings, 5-inch fiber reinforced exterior concrete slab, precast concrete wall panels with architectural surface treatment, precast concrete columns with architectural surface treatment, prefabricated wood frame truss system, shingled roof, steel/aluminum fascia and soffit, electrical service including panel, electrical outlets and interior fluorescent lights.