column head

column capital

A mushroom-like enlargement of reinforced concrete, at the upper end of a column, designed and built to act as an integral unit with the column and the floor slab above so as to increase the shearing resistance.
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Adjust the column head pressure within the appropriate range in Table 2.
The Varian SPI, particularly when operated in a cold on column mode (followed by a 200 [degrees] C/min heating ramp to as high as 400 [degrees] C, if necessary), guarantees a gentle 100% delivery of any analyte to the column head (7).
this contract, which consists of: the supply and installation of poles stops, column head and displays frames, material storage and inventory management over the controls, making massive sealing in concrete, supply and installation of stands for temporary posts, removal of posts and filling holes of seals, the supply and installation of screen prints on adhesive vinyl, installing screen on existing poles
With pub column head firmly screwed on during city centre walkabout, it's no wonder that one of Liverpool's newest alehouses, The Welkin, has hidden chameleon-like from the gaze since its opening in March this year.
By clicking on column heads of the project list, projects can be arranged in ascending or descending alphabetical or numerical order, e.
csv] file can be imported, and you simply match the column heads.
Rather than placing additional column heads in the middle of a table, a new table should be creatcd.
9 mm and 426 mm, tubing of 73 mm, drill bits, wellhead equipment including column heads and Christmas tree.
Beneath uniformly sized column heads the shafts drop away to whatever level they find beneath.
The work will involve removing loose concrete and replacing it with new concrete on the 10-metrehigh column heads.
Everywhere was scattered the broken stone columns of a past civilisation, the carved column heads visible through the wild cyclamen clinging to them.
Interiors are relatively plain, with decoration confined to the square column heads.