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combustion chamber

i. The section of the gas turbine engine into which fuel is injected and burned. The combustion results in very high temperatures, which expands the air flowing through the combustion chamber and directs it onto the turbine at a uniform speed and temperature. A large amount of air passes around the walls of the combustion chamber to protect them. The three main types of layouts used for combustion systems are the multiple chamber, turbo-annular or cannular chamber, and annular chamber. Also known as burners and combustors. See can-type combustor.
ii. In a reciprocating engine, the space above the top dead center. See clearance volume.
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The length of supersonic combustor should be limited to be less than one meter to increase thrust-weight ratio.
However, any skeptics should remember the travail and tribulation (alluded to at our beginning here) early gas turbine developers experienced to perfect the deflagration combustors of today.
Additional complications come from the fact that the combustor pressure (and with it the pressure drop in the fuel system) depend on the engine load.
Development specimens of the combustors and diffuser cases have already been delivered from the Nagoya plant to P&W, arrangements for the tooling and equipment for the final assembly and operational testing procedures have been completed, and the engine test cell has been modified as necessary.
Cannular combustors are usually found in older engines and Aero Derivative Industrial Gas Turbine engines.
Several results have been reported from large-scale fluidized bed combustors with long test times (Vincent et al.
The novel chamber, or combustor, could replace conventional chambers in water heaters, power turbines, and perhaps even jet-aircraft engines, says Ben T.
At the 10,000-square-meter plant, facilities for coating gas turbine combustors, rotor blades and stator vanes will be the first to operate.
To inspect combustion turbines, the team designed a different probe delivery device with the goal of remotely accessing the combustors and first stage nozzles of a GM fram 7EA combustion turbine.
The plant has two circulation fluidized bed combustors, each of which generates 300 megawatts.
The auto industry is not the major source, but it's definitely a significant source," says Bender, who points to coal-fired power plants and waste combustors as the prime culprits nationally for mercury release.
Developing Xonon for small gas turbines with multiple combustors is the next logical step in our strategy to expand the addressable market for our product.