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It comes full circle from Whitman's queer raptures.
The life cycle comes full circle when a mosquito withdraws the gametocytes in a blood meal and they combine in the insect to produce new sporozoites.
The story of a young boy, his fight against cancer, and the journey to save the camels comes full circle as he comes to learn that there may be a possible cure for cancer and other diseases within the genes of the wild camels.
Brody (Damian Lewis) meets with Faber to talk about his family's future, while Carrie (Claire Danes) comes full circle, and considers returning to the CIA.
After sampling some food, chairs and snoozing off in the comfy bed, he is disturbed by the owners--and so the story comes full circle.
com founder David Nevarez, comes full circle and finds a bride with his own website.
Reach sees the Halo story comes full circle, telling the gripping story of the final rear-guard action against the pesky Covenant.
Blackadder's Tim McInnerny is the mysterious Mr Halpen and the show comes full circle as Georgina Moffett, the real-life offspring of fifth Doctor Peter Davidson, plays daughter Jenny to David Tennant's Doc.
Greg Maddux's historic career comes full circle tonight when he takes the mound at Dodger Stadium, roughly 300 feet from the spot where he sat the night he attended his first major league game.
So, as the exhibition naturally comes full circle back to Boullee, we can conclude that the most profound relationship between architecture and sculpture is that both always have and always will rely on the inspired vision of creative designers.
This summer the exchange comes full circle with a mini festival of contemporary Russian choreographers appearing at ADF.
Focusing on four activities in the mature Civil Rights era--the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Tallahassee Bus Boycott, the Biloxi beach riot, and the integration of the Louisiana State police--the work comes full circle.