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Get ready for sports sections to read more like Business Week than ever as the industry comes to grips with the implications of the baseball contract that makes Alex Rodriguez untradeable, of the football payroll caps that produce a numbing sort of parity, and of the Maurice Clarett legal challenge that attacks the NFL's draft-entry restrictions as restraint of trade.
Rodney Hampton comes to grips with his bachelorhood when his best friend and road dog, Tim, gets married.
A footnote keeps open the possibility that it was home to some genuine limiters, but the book never comes to grips with the question.
This is a basic point that Savage never quite comes to grips with.
Dodgers players and coaches still were trying to comes to grips with Friday night's tragedy, in which a Dodgers fan was shot and killed in the stadium parking lot over an alleged dispute with a Giants fan.
He is now running for the state Assembly as he comes to grips with term limits.