command key

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command key

Command key

On Apple keyboards, a modifier key that was originally the "Apple key." Like the Control and Option keys, Command is pressed along with a letter or digit key to peform a function. The Command key is sometimes used like the Control key in Windows; for example, Command-P and Control-P print a document. However, the Mac's Option key is also used for Windows Control key functions. See Control key.

The "Apple" Key
The Mac Command key is identified by its apple or cloverleaf symbols; in this case both. The cloverleaf is also known as the squiggle, pretzel and rugbeater.
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The useful Reduce/Enlarge features of the View menu are also cumbersome to use unless one circumvents the slow redrawing of the screen between commands by using the command keys rather than pointing and clicking with the mouse.
This provided employees the opportunity to experiment with their command keys without being locked out of the facility.
The laptop also features new LED-illuminated "Feather-Touch" multimedia command keys, where with the mere touch of a finger, users can control the audio and video playback of their favorite movies and music.
Students will be able to use command keys for audio access to navigate through the course.
With new LED-illuminated "Feather-Touch" multimedia command keys the mere touch of a finger can control the audio and video playback of a user's favorite movies and music.
To further enforce this sleek and elegant look, each new Satellite series features "Feather-Touch" multimedia command keys, which lie beneath the Fusion Finish and are subtly bathed in a cool glow of white LED light.
The entire package, from adoption of the game's visuals to the thoughtfully laid out command keys, adds a dramatic new dimension of action, speed and excitement to the Age of Empires III experience.
the Kyocera Smartphone Portable Keyboard provides the same size, feel and response as many of the best notebook computer keyboards, while providing seamless operation with special shortcut and command keys.
Programmable shortcut and command keys also allow users to customize keyboard functionality.
Command keys, menu choices and icons all reflect current Windows conventions, and the command structure in general has been streamlined to combine more choices in fewer dialog boxes.
Participants will play Bingo with a collection of function and command keys from a standard keyboard, and winners from each round will be entered into a drawing for top prizes.

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