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A command line utility makes it possible to take advantage of idle computing resources during off-hours by grouping multiple 3Scan operations into a single command script run at the end of the day.
For input, the software includes one-click linking from syntax errors back to the offending source line, a new text editor with SPICE syntax highlighting and an advanced Command Insert tool for guiding command script creation and eliminating syntax errors.
SilverCreek Lite includes a MIB compiler, MIB Browser, MIB Walker, Notification monitor, SNMP Command Tool, Command Script Wizard, and Poll Tool.
E-SIM provides record/replay features, input stimulus files and a command script language, which allow complete automatic tests to be built.
For example, if a monitored server crashed, ServerVision would alert the DBA, and could also execute a command script that would automatically restart the server, if this action was specified by the DBA.
It can be used in an interactive mode with an easy to use interface, as well as generating and running command scripts for unattended operation (e.
When operating in a Windows(R) environment the CommandEditor module, or any other available text editor, can be used to define or maintain customized scripts so that command scripts can be used across operating system boundaries.
NEW YORK -- Today at Interop, Netcordia, a leading provider of network analysis tools, announced new Configuration Command Scripts (CCS) for its NetMRI network appliance.
The Mediation Studio helps service providers adapt to new equipment and to new versions of existing equipment by greatly simplifying the connectivity to the network, utilizing both the processing of data generated by the network and the definition of commands and command scripts to be sent back to the network.
GEAR PRO Mastering Edition can also be used to automate routine backup and duplication tasks using command scripts or batch files.
The company also will offer conversion of CONNECT:Direct(TM) transfer command scripts into Harbor HFT transfer command scripts through Tantia's professional services team.

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