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(1) An official (officer or general) in the armed forces of various states. The commander of a fortress garrison was first called a commandant in the 16th century. In Russia up until 1715 the commandant of a military garrison was also the district governor, but after that date he was only the chief of the garrison. There were commandants of headquarters under the commander in chief and under the commanders of individual armies; there were also city commandants, commandants of railroad and waterway sectors, and corps commandants. In the Soviet armed forces there are garrison commandants, military commandants of railroad and waterway sectors and of railroad stations and ports, commandants of water crossings, and so forth.

A garrison commandant is appointed in every garrison. He sees to it that servicemen observe military discipline in public places and in the streets and that the guard and patrol service is conducted properly; he also organizes the protection and defense of objectives within the garrison and the garrison patrol service. In Moscow and Leningrad the garrison commandant is also the city commandant.

The military commandant of a railroad or waterway sector and of a railroad station or port, who is a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, ensures the fulfillment of military transport plans and exercises the functions of a garrison commandant within the territory of his sector.

The commandant of water crossings, who is appointed from among the commanders of units or subunits of the engineer troops, ensures order and discipline at points where troops have to cross water barriers.

(2) The administrator of a house belonging to an institution or educational establishment or occupied by them.

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Following are the names of the police medal for meritorious service; Nilima Rani Singh, DIG, BSL Bokaro, Vertul Singh, Sr Commandant, BHEL Bhopal, Zhoponeyi Zuo, Senior Commandant, MTPS Mejia, Nirvikar, Senior Commandant, 9th Reserve Battalion, Deoli, Pasupati Pratap Singh, Senior Commandant, 5th Reserve Battalion Ghaziabad, Arun Singh, Senior Commandant, ASG Delhi, Divya Shukla, Senior Commandant, NAPS Narora, Anand Saxena, Sr Commandant, DAE Kalpakkam, Piyali Sharma, Senior Commandant, ES HQrs, Ranchi, Manmohan Kumar, Commandant, 9th Reserve Battalion Deoli, Amarjeet Singh, Assistance.
Selon la chaine de television turque NTV, le commandant en chef des forces terrestres, Salih Zeki Ecolak, va etre remplace par le chef de la gendarmerie, Ya?
Inspector General Frontier Corps, Major General Mohammad Tayyab Azam presided over the FC Commandants Conference with Commander 11 Corps Lt.
Her early days there are clouded by her spirited defence of her ancestor, former commandant John Bennett, whom the islanders regard as a brutal tyrant.
Cleveland Commandant, Colonel Tony Laker, said: "Once again we came away triumphant.
AVM Marshal Ibrahim Kure is now the Commandant, Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, while AVM Marshal Nick Spiff takes over from him as Chief of Administration, Headquarters.
En fait, la Journee du Martyr intervient avec la commemoration du commandant Abdel Moneim Riad qui tomba martyr au milieu de ses soldats dans un poste avance sur la rive du Canal de Suez le 9 mars 1969.
Chapman said that school commandants from countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic spoke about doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, education, personnel, and facilities issues.
Army Reserve (AR) and National Guard (NG) Deputy Assistant Commandants (DACs)
Gaya (Bihar) [India], Dec 6 ( ANI ): The Commandant's award ceremony was held with the Gurez Coy receiving the Commandants banner for Autumn Term 2017.
Cette reunion, qui regroupe les nouveaux commandants de groupement, de compagnie, les chefs de section de recherches et les chefs des unites des gardes-frontieres (GGF) designes, pour la premiere fois, dans ce poste, apprend-on aupres de cette institution.
Summary: Le commandant en chef et president du Conseil supreme des Forces armees (CSFA), le marechal Hussein Tantaoui, a decerne aux commandants des Forces armees qui ont fait valoir leurs droits a la retraite le 1er janvier 2012 la medaille de la republique de second grade.

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