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Such as at the commencement of the repast had not been able to seat themselves according to their inclination rose unceremoniously, and sought out more agreeable companions.
Gardiner, which at once delayed its commencement and curtailed its extent.
The address which I delivered on Commencement Day seems to have pleased every one, and many kind and encouraging words were spoken to me regarding it.
Every condition seemed ideal for the commencement of the return voyage to Jungle Island, where the beasts were to be left.
Afterwards the play scarcely fulfilled the promise of its commencement.
He was seriously wounded at the commencement of the war.
To set this point at rest, for once and for ever, we hasten to undeceive them, and stride to its commencement.
Granting that the question at present was simply that of sending a projectile up to the moon, every one must see that that involved the commencement of a series of experiments.
At the commencement of my observations it seemed to me probable that a careful study of domesticated animals and of cultivated plants would offer the best chance of making out this obscure problem.
We may judge from the noble commencement of the Timaeus, from the fragment of the Critias itself, and from the third book of the Laws, in what manner Plato would have treated this high argument.
Almost at the commencement of the first letter I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing him blush; but he immediately turned his back to me, and finished the perusal at the window.
When the doctors were left alone, the family doctor began timidly explaining his opinion, that there was a commencement of tuberculous trouble, but.