common intermediate format

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Common Intermediate Format

(communications, standard)
(CIF) A video format used in videoconferencing systems, which supports both NTSC and PAL signals, with a data rate of 30 frames per second (fps), with each frame containing 288 lines and 352 luminance pixels per line. CIF is part of the ITU H.261 videoconferencing standard.

CIF is also known as Full CIF (FCIF) to distinguish it from Quarter CIF (QCIF), a related video format standard that transfers one fourth as much data as CIF.

common intermediate format

A standard for videoconferencing camera resolution. See CIF.
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Conexant's CMOS image sensor family now spans a wide range of image resolutions and includes a 352x288-pixel Common Intermediate Format (CIF) image sensor for consumer video applications.
The initial CMOS sensor products are available in two resolutions, Video Graphic Array (VGA) and Common Intermediate Format (CIF), and in both color and monochrome.
TeamStation system delivers up to 30 frames per second (fps) full common intermediate format (FCIF) video at 128 Kbps and 384 Kpbs, and it operates at data rates up to 400 Kpbs full duplex on the LAN.

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