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Society general secretary Kate Ashbrook said: "The society Open general Kate is especially concerned that the site boundary takes in registered common land.
This Bill would protect our common land, now and for future generations, and produce real benefits in terms of sustainable farming, public access and biodiversity.
The applicants appear to have scant regard for the rights of graziers, or of the public who has the right to walk on all common land.
The Glastir Common Land scheme was announced in May 2009 to support the sustainable management and grazing of common land.
These rules failed to take into account the unique nature of common land management in the UK, said Ms Howells.
Enclosing common land led to the pauperisation of poor tenant farmers as they were denied pasture land that was handed over to already wealthy land owners for their financial gain.
Objectors pose the question: "What damage is being done to our treasured parks and common land by the bottle diggers?
Durham City Council has applied to put a temporary car park on common land at the Sands, along the riverbank in the city.
Almost 50 years ago in 1965 the Commons Registration Act required that all common land should be registered.
An Act of 1881 ruled out the use of common land for private profit to keep sites free for recreation.
It was affectionately dubbed The Lost Forty, a reference to the most common land division in Minnesota logging vernacular.
RSIS will convert manually delineated farm boundary information into topological, structured data sets of Common Land Unit (CLU) boundaries.