syringa vulgaris

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Very fragrant flowers have a pungent, flowery, citrusy aroma and slightly bitter lemony taste.
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oblata), a Chinese species, flowered a week or two earlier than common lilac, they crossed the two and came up with a series of beautiful, early-flowering hybrids called S.
Lilacs are one of England's best-loved spring flowers yet we tend to confine ourselves to varieties of common lilac when buying a new shrub for the garden.
vulgaris, the common lilac, which flowers in May and early June, depending on the variety.
At any rate, the common lilac verbena self-sows in Los Angeles gardens like no other ground cover.
vulgaris, the common lilac is the one most likely to be found in garden centres, and it comes in a range of colours from white through to a deep, rich purple.