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This explains why in the Vietnamese language, common nouns used as kinship terms and status terms are used both for self-reference and to address other people.
As argued above, the common noun in QH can be reconstructed on the basis of comparative considerations as having two full vowels (badan < PS *badari).
Common nouns, classifiers and quantification in Chinese.
CGEL (Huddleston & Pullum, 2002) identifies the following three distinctive properties of the specifier function (6): (a) this function occurs only in NPs (7); (b) semantically, as the label suggests, specifiers typically serve to specify the NP as definite or indefinite ; and (c) in NPs headed by singular countable common nouns, a specifier (definite or indefinite) is typically obligatory (also mentioned by Bloomfield, 1933, as noted above).
Thus *bojow- > *bow, *boi might have produced both the proper names and the ME common noun boi.
The Persian noun mal literally means 'property' or 'wealth', and can be used as a common noun as shown in (4).
Hyll cited above, for instance, may be a name for the West Saxons and Mercian Angles, but remains a common noun for the Hwicce.
Classifying the language of the inscription as the Philistine version of whatever Canaanite language the Philistines had adopted, as does Lema ire, [3] is of no help for such an hypothesis, for no known Canaanite language retained at this period either the nominative dual form or the productive dual (defined as the ability to express any common noun as singular, dual, and plural).
Smith denied all of Entrepreneur Media's claims, arguing that he had the right to use "entrepreneur" as part of his trademarks since it is a common noun.
In NE the pre-head structure of an NP with a common noun as head is (Dixon 2005: 26):
In Hungarian, for instance, a noun that behaves irregularly with certain suffixes as a common noun will behave regularly if it is used as a proper name: e.
In the tentative decision, the Court stated, "The fact that [Entrepreneur Media's] mark is a common noun does not affect its strength.