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communication theory:

see information theoryinformation theory
or communication theory,
mathematical theory formulated principally by the American scientist Claude E. Shannon to explain aspects and problems of information and communication.
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communication theory

[kə‚myü·nə′kā·shən ‚thē·ə·rē]
The mathematical theory of the communication of information from one point to another.
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Using psychological analysis as well as communications theory, Kam examines these surprise attacks at four levels.
It represents a unique combination of practical systems engineering and communications theory.
Part of a series on the "interaction, communication, and expression" of humans and electronic technology, this volume on errors in digital media provides a series of heavily theoretical essays on communications theory focusing on opportunities for art and exploration within unplanned crevices of the digital landscape.
Mobile communications theory and systems, current and developing systems and networks, a variety of services, and emerging technologies are covered.
Through our hands-on session, we will show how marketing and communications theory can be modified and applied to new media.
His research interests include space-time coding and processing, wireless communications theory, synchronization, channel estimation, and sensor networks.
of Massachusetts, Amherst) discusses Gebner's many contributions to the field of media and communications theory including his early research on mass communication and education, confession magazines, and media portrayal/shaping of images of mental illness, and cultivation theory relating to studies of TV's mainstreaming of culture messages (e.
Combining theory, design, and application into one integrated approach, this is a superior reference for advanced communications theory courses.

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