community college

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community college,

public institution of higher education. Community colleges are characterized by a two-year curriculum that leads to either the associate degree or transfer to a four-year college. The transfer program parallels the first two years of a four-year college. The degree program generally prepares students for direct entrance into an occupation. Because of their low tuition, local setting, and relatively easy entrance requirements, community colleges have been a major force in the post–World War II expansion of educational opportunities in the United States. They are also referred to as junior colleges.


See E. J. Gleazer, Jr., This is the Community College (1968); C. R. Monroe, Profile of the Community College (1972).

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As a reader who is sensitive to the issues dividing the community college from the university, I am left wishing for a more focused discussion and contemplation of the responsibility community college faculty have to pursue their own sort of scholarship.
The North Carolina Community College System is the state's primary provider of technical and occupational training and adult education, enrolling 800,000 students in 58 comprehensive community colleges.
86 Mississipi Gulf Coast Community College 1451 991
For this reason, when it comes to training for a new career, the advice I give constituents is, "Go to a community college.
But without changes to California's community college system, doors will close to thousands of students within the next 10 years, said Scott Lay, vice president of the Community College League of California, a Sacramento-based nonprofit group that's spearheading the effort.
The community college is distinguished from other higher education institutions by its mission which is grounded on three interrelated commitments: a) a philosophy of open access, which incorporates the open door admissions policy; b) a promise to deliver a comprehensive curriculum; and c) a pledge to respond to the educational needs of adult learners in the community (Monroe, 1972).
This is a different time-saving effort for students, and it's helped with the enrollment," says Clyde Porter, assistant vice chancellor/director of facilities and district architect for the Dallas County Community College District.
We recently launched a pilot program with Mercer County Community College, near our home in New Jersey, to map students' strengths and weaknesses in such areas as time management, intellectual engagement, test-taking and study skills, and critical thinking.
The state's 110 Community colleges, including College of the Canyons and Antelope Valley College, would share $1.
City officials and library staff had spent several years developing plans to build a new library within a mile of the community college campus, near the geographic center of Westminster.
In order to gain a perspective of the California community college student population, this action research project focused on two characteristics found among all students--age and enrollment status.
Most places have a community college," she said at a press conference.

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