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The enactment amends the Canada Evidence Act to ensure that the spouse is a competent and compellable witness for the prosecution with respect to the new offence of non-consensual distribution of intimate images.
The legal advice we got is that there is possibly about a half an hour of that night is not accessible to the inquiry team but all the information that led up to that and was used on that night that influenced that decision and led to that decision is compellable to the inquiry.
Section 80(3)(a) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984 provides that a wife is competent and compellable to give evidence against her husband.
327) The Court provided a precedent for future legal efforts seeking to hold perpetrators to account in its seminal decisions on issues such as whether amnesties granted under domestic law are a bar to the prosecution of serious international crimes before an international criminal court, (328) and whether an incumbent head of State is compellable as a witness before an international criminal court.
23, 1794), reprinted in 5 THE DOCUMENTARY HISTORY, supra note 118, at 618, 618 (calling on the state's senators and representatives to procure "such amendments in the Constitution of the United States, as to prevent the possibility of a construction which may justify a decision that a State is compellable to the suit of an individual or individuals in the Courts of the United States"); Resolution of North Carolina General Assembly (Jan.