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We trust that you will find this compendium of use and value to you, your trustees, and all members of your college community.
To help food safety workers stay up on the science as it changes, the compendium is available as an e-book.
Designed as a one-stop shop for information on motor carrier sustainable practices, the compendium also identifies how public sector practices such as congestion mitigation, research and testing, and the use of standards can advance sustainable freight practices.
Buying the $10 Compendium comes with the access to watch every match of The International, plus a significant boost in Battle Points earned.
I am gratified by the advances of the Medicines Compendium during its first year and a half," said Roger L.
As new cleaning products emerge, the Compendium will continue to serve as a key resource offering consistent testing methodologies and an up-to-date compilation of peer reviewed research," said Timothy A.
The Checkweigher Software Compendium is applicable for all X Series checkweighers from Metder-Toledo Garvens, including the XC, XE and XS models.
FHWA created the online compendium to serve as a one-stop source for work zone information.
The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) has released its quality control standards and therapeutic compendium for stinging nettle root (Urtica dioica L.
The Siksasamuccaya, translated by Mrozik as Compendium of Training, is a collection of passages from Mainstream and Mahayana Buddhist scriptures, divided into nineteen chapters and interspersed with commentary.
A new microtunneling and pipe jacking compendium detailing the latest technology and developments is now available to engineers and contractors.
Beautifully illustrated throughout with photographic images of exquisite beaded jewelry, Elizabeth Bower's "Beads: Handmade Style" offers an impressive compendium of projects, each with their own materials list and step-by-step instructions.