complementarity principle

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complementarity principle,

physical principle enunciated by Niels Bohr in 1928 stating that certain physical concepts are complementary. If two concepts are complementary, an experiment that clearly illustrates one concept will obscure the other complementary one. For example, an experiment that illustrates the particle properties of light will not show any of the wave properties of light. This principle also implies that only certain kinds of information can be gained in a particular experiment. Some other information that is equally important cannot be measured simultaneously and is lost.


See W. Heisenberg, The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory (1930, repr. 1949); N. Bohr, Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge (1958); B. L. Cline, Men Who Made a New Physics: Physicists and the Quantum Theory (1987).

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Part V discusses Kenya's application to the PTC to find the case inadmissible under the complementarity principle, and the PTC's and Appeal Chamber's "precedent-setting" response.
In addition, in light of the somewhat overly rigid test for states created by the ICC in the Kenya case through which to evaluate the complementarity principle (i.
Under the complementarity principle, which is related to the question of the admissibility of a particular case, the ICC Prosecutor must determine whether the relevant investigating or prosecuting nation state is able and willing to investigate or prosecute the case, or has, in good faith, decided not to prosecute.
Any prosecutor, no matter how prudent, will attract criticism for actions and nonactions conducted under the Rome Statute's complementarity principle.
States have a default primacy in terms of preventing and punishing these crimes within their own constitutional ambit; but the complementarity principle assumes that, because states are imperfect, they often have a title without capacity or have a capacity unworthy of the title.
In counterpart of course we can not see the fringes and the complementarity principle of Bohr will be, as in every quantum experiment, naturally respected.
Niels Bohr's complementarity principle says that objects can have wave and particle properties, but not both at the same time.
In particular, in a key filing before the ICC, the Kenyan government sought to establish the case against the suspects as inadmissible under the complementarity principle.
Kenya's request of the Pre-Trial Chamber to find the cases against the defendants inadmissible under the complementarity principle was denied, and the cases ruled admissible.
43) If the courts of the national jurisdiction are unwilling or unable to prosecute an individual for a crime covered by the Rome Statute, the ICC can prosecute that individual without violating the complementarity principle.
108) Though unlikely, if Sudan were to issue additional charges against either of the named suspects, it would be for the Prosecutor and the Pre-Trial Chamber to determine under the complementarity principle whether the national courts are able and willing to prosecute Harun and Kushayb genuinely and impartially.
Thus the complementarity principle itself is a manifestation of the underlying mathematical formalism and one ends up with an XOR bifurcation of two inconsistent with each other outcomes.

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