Complementary Colors

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complementary colors

[‚käm·plə′men·trē ′kəl·ərz]
Two colors which lie on opposite sides of the white point in the chromaticity diagram so that an additive mixture of the two, in appropriate proportions, can be made to yield an achromatic mixture.

Complementary colors

Those pairs of colors, such as red and green, that together embrace the entire spectrum. The complement of one of the three primary colors is a mixture of the other two.

Complementary Colors


two colors that form a color that is seen by the eye as white when the radiations of which they are composed are mixed (combined). The radiations composing the complementary colors may have components that are very different, ranging from the monochromatic to radiations with a continuous spectrum.

To obtain two beams of light with a continuous spectrum that meet the requirements of complementary colors, it is sufficient to pass a beam of white light (for instance, sunlight) through a nonabsorbent, color-selective mirror that strongly reflects one part of the spectrum (for example, the blue) and transmits the other part of the spectrum which will have a color complementary to the first color. (For example, blue will be complemented by yellow.)


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Complementary colors provide the most dramatic contrasts: blue and orange, purple and yellow.
They saw that when complementary colors are placed next to one another, the effects are dramatic and draw attention.
The only trick was that they must use the complementary color for that part.
com) offers designer-selected complementary color palettes for accent walls, ceilings, trim and more.
The video camcorder feature set includes an advanced digital zoom engine that offers smooth, precise operation, programmable nonlinear gamma correction to suppress color noise, auto focus enhancements to support the latest lens and CCDs, and an enhanced color filter to improve complementary color accuracy.
Let patterns dry and cover with a complementary color of spray paint.
The result is more accurate color reproduction with finer gradations than models using a conventional complementary color filter.
1 | A He used a split complementary color scheme--blue, yellow-orange and red-orange, the same scheme of colors seen in Ten Grapes.
The Progressive Scan CCD is complemented by a RGB primary color filter, rather than a complementary color filter found in other camcorders.
1|A Because they're all shades of orange, creating a complementary color scheme with blue.
The higher gloss could be the same color as mat- or flat-finish walls, a slightly different shade or hue, or a punch of complementary color.

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