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By Gartner's definition, "WFO solutions contain complementary functions designed to improve contact center performance through the optimized deployment of appropriately trained and motivated agents.
The central issue is whether broadband combines telecommunications and computing, and the marketplace reality is that these complementary functions are becoming more integrated all the time," added Haney.
The strength of Smith's ideas lies in the eight fundamental principles that encourage maintaining the Senate's complementary functions called for by the Constitution and outlined throughout the book.
Multi-function, voice-centric workflows that enable workers to add complementary functions (e.
This new structure will align complementary functions within the company, creating efficiencies, streamlined communications and ultimately benefitting customers.
Given this common objective the current ACCC structure provides many synergies and economies of scale; it also avoids the many gaps that would arise if these complementary functions were separated; and it avoids the overlap that would arise as the same behaviour could be pursued by more than one agency, Mr Sims said.
The study found that the autonomic nervous system's two branches have complementary functions in the development and spread of prostate cancer.
Until now, simulation and measurement were discrete environments, although they are complementary functions that can reduce design time when used together.
This allows us to deliver the best solution to our clients by integrating complementary functions that provide the highest overall value.
By combining these complementary functions into a single platform and providing targeted operational enhancements such as circuit-to-services OAM fault propagation, the ISG 6000 is making Ethernet easier for service providers to deliver high-value services consistently to all of their business customers.
In addition, the DataLens System can improve search, navigation and custom publication - all of which are important, complementary functions to PIM and MDM systems.
Virtualization is done of all Evolved Packet Core components with full feature compatibility with native Evolved Packet Core, as well as complementary functions such as content caching and optimization offered by Ericsson's Media Delivery Network.
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