component video

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component video

A color video format that maintains the three traditional YUV video signals in separate channels. Component video provides a sharper image than composite video and S-video. See YUV, composite video and S-video.

Analog Component Video
With regard to TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, receivers and related A/V equipment, component video generally refers to "analog" component video. The connection comprises three wires identified as Y, Pb and Pr (see YPbPr). Component video cables come in three-wire sets (see below), or five-wire sets, which include two more wires for analog audio.

Digital Component Video
Component video may also refer to "digital" component video (YCbCr) for digital camcorders. The connection uses one cable, typically FireWire or SDI, and is natively supported by many nonlinear video editing programs (NLEs). Digital component video is also carried over HDMI. See YCbCr and chroma subsampling.

Analog RGB
Sometimes, component video means RGB signals rather than YUV and may refer to a three-wire analog RGB cable for a studio monitor or high-end video camera. See RGB.

Analog Component Video (YPbPr)
Analog component video uses three-wire cable sets for A/V equipment. Five-wire sets bundle left and right stereo (red/white) wires in the cable.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how YUV is combined to make composite and S-video signals. The device (bottom) are ports from an NVIDIA video card. (Bottom image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how YUV is combined to make composite and S-video signals. The device (bottom) are ports from an NVIDIA video card. (Bottom image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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When combined with AccuSeis, Hawk can be configured with either one or three single component digital stations.
0, AV (composite video and stereo audio, plus headphones), component digital connector (breakout cable is provided), and mic input socket.
Wadia incorporates a bit-perfect S/PDIF digital audio output and high-resolution component digital video output, as well as analog audio and video outputs for easy connection with most audio/video systems.
The company's award-winning KD-XB "X-BLASTER" video adapter is able to easily and economically convert the X-Box(TM) Component digital video signal to VGA for display on standard multimedia monitors with VGA (RGBHV) input.
Designed to meet the mixed-mode transitional needs of the serial component digital post production and operational environments, the SPG600 and SPG300 Sync Pulse Generators virtually eliminate concerns about reference signal loss by providing the most stable signal synchronization available.
Betacam SX camcorders capture broadcast-quality component digital pictures on Betacam SX videocassettes, which offer longer recording times than on the same tape-length analog cassette.
All models can support outputs ranging from analog to component digital SDI (SMPTE 259M/D1) in both NTSC/525 and PAL/625 formats, as well as standard Internet streaming formats such as 160x120 and 320x240 at up to 30 frames per second.
Tektronix is proud to provide RaceTech with a complete solution for their complex serial component digital video monitoring requirements.
All PowerScript models generate fully anti-aliased characters and graphics and use 10-bit 4:2:2 component digital video architecture.
Tektronix' innovative WFM601 family of serial component monitors provide a complete solution for complex application requirements in the growing serial component digital video monitoring and measuring market.
The DV103 progressive component digital output can serve as the source for today's higher resolution display architectures such as CRT front and rear projection and direct-view systems, digital CRT video monitors, LCD monitors and projectors, plasma displays, and DLP-based projection systems featuring proprietary technology from Texas Instruments.
component digital VTR and DAT (Digital Audio Tape) cassettes for
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