composite metal panel

sandwich panel

A panel of sandwich construction; made by bonding facing sheets, of high strength and density, to a relatively light core.
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due will be 05/12/17 at 12:00 pm except for 074243 - composite metal panel, 084233 - revolving door entrances.
Since 2000, the property has seen capital improvements valued at more than $2 million, including renovation of the ground floor lobby and bathrooms, a complete overhaul of the existing HVAC system, a new roof and installation of a new, Alucobond composite metal panel facade, providing a new look to the building.
Tenders are invited for the work includes composite metal panel work for tower.
The UAE market has seen a change in Dubai Civil Defence norms, which have banned all composite metal panels that have combustible cores.
The form features a wood ceiling and is covered in bronze-colored composite metal panels, which contrast with a bright white, 95-foot-long translucent wall that wraps around the addition, "establishing the importance of that entrance," Jackson says.
To restore the center to its former glory as a hub for student activity, a vibrant facade was created with aluminum composite metal panels in colors similar to other campus buildings.
com)-- When the Estabrook Elementary School Study, a new build and renovation project, was in full swing in 2011, All-Panel Systems of Branford, CT got on board to furnish and install composite metal panels for the exteriors of the building.
The use of composite metal panels on the facade and integrally colored concrete sidewalk are choices that will set the property apart, enabling Onyx to attract tenants with the building's quality look and feel.
While appearing to be made of light-colored sandstone, the building will actually be covered in giant prefabricated composite metal panels, which, says Norton, "are affordable, easy to install, durable and low maintenance.
Douglass Colony designed, fabricated, and installed 1,800 custom composite metal panels (29,834 square feet) in six different colors that due to the unique, varied geometric design of the building required intricate measurements on every single panel for a completely custom panel system.
The building material composition of brick, aluminum curtainwall, fritted glass, and zinc composite metal panels was the expression of the owner's corporate goals.
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