composite order

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composite order:

see Corinthian orderCorinthian order,
most ornate of the classic orders of architecture. It was also the latest, not arriving at full development until the middle of the 4th cent. B.C. The oldest known example, however, is found in the temple of Apollo at Bassae (c.420 B.C.).
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Composite order

One of the five classical orders; a Roman elaboration of the Corinthian order; the acanthus leaves of its capitals are combined with the large volutes of the Ionic order and set on the diagonal in plan view.

Composite order

Composite order
In Classical architecture, one of the five Classical orders; combines characteristics of both the Corinthian and Ionic orders; similar to the Corinthian order, but much more embellished. The capital consists of volutes borrowed, with modifications, from the Ionic capital; the circle of acanthus leaves applied to the capital is borrowed from the Corinthian capital. See illustration under bases for an example of a base of the Composite order.
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