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Both Envirolet and Santerra Green systems have more features than competing composting toilets, such as the patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration(TM), which speeds up the composting and evaporation process through forced air, heat and natural microbe action.
a national composting toilet company based in Lawrence that has worked with the state to change laws to accommodate composting toilets, said that although education about water conservation is growing, the use of composting toilets in homes seems to be at a plateau, with fewer than 1,000 houses in this state using Clivus composting toilets.
Like us, most of their innovations worked, but they also learned some lessons--their building is warm and toasty in winter and cool in summer, but one of their composting toilets never worked.
Even more environmentally friendly is the dry composting toilet, a variant on the privvy seen in 19th century Japanese inns (which valued their guests' wastes so highly as fertilizer that rates went down with each additional person staying in the room).
It might mean waiting all day for a shower (until the solar heater has time to do its work) or putting up with an occasional smell from the composting toilets.
We had hoped to have composting toilets as well as an incinerating toilet, but after I called the county to inquire about how one goes about getting alternative systems permitted, I received a voicemail back from a woman with a condescending and nasty tone saying, "We don't permit those sort of things.
When I sought alternatives and inquired about composting toilets, their prices were nearly as daunting as a septic system.
Coordination with rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, edible landscaping
Outhouses and non-electric composting toilets are the only toilet systems that do not need power.
Some thoughts on composting toilets: I just came from Baja, Mexico where I conducted a workshop on building composting toilets (one kind for about $20 and the other for $200--serving 50 uses daily).
Anyone who is concerned about huge water waste in modern toilets (some estimates are that half of the average household's water is flushed down the toilet), and the waste of potentially valuable fertilizer, has probably investigated commercial composting toilets.