compressed wood

compressed wood, densified wood

Wood which has been impregnated with resin and subjected to a high pressure to increase its density and strength.
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Each system includes either 3 or 20 Watt amplifier and speakers, wireless connections, and optional solid compressed wood cabinet.
The cork styled cap is made from compressed wood, according to the company.
Tenders are invited for Two Door Wardrobe Of Size 80 X 43 X 182 Cm With Compressed Wood, Make Of Damro / Indroyal, Model No.
010 inches, but you aren't fooling the sanding belts or the hand sanders who have to fix your damaged, compressed wood.
But then came cheap imports from China, made from compressed wood and aluminium that forced me out of business," the 78-year old carpenter told the Times of Oman.
The distinctive work produced by Robert Russell in the 1850s introduced designs very much like abstract jigsaw puzzles, while others used veneer made from compressed wood shavings to produce a marbled effect.
This goes for furniture too -- flat-pack compressed wood units are more popular because of their affordability, but they are also the ones most prone to breakage, and therefore to be discarded outside.
2006a), yielding highly compressed wood at low pressing pressure (Shams et al.
Here's a sampling of topics in the approximately 300 papers: urban low-carbon landscape construction, chemical and physical changes for dimensional stability of compressed wood, analysis of the health risk of volatile organic compounds of popular composite biomaterial by GC-MS, networked manufacturing system based on ASP and SQL server, effects of temperature and water immersion on the mechanical properties of coated fabrics, research on the rough cut of heavy pressure vessels, the development and application of smart garment materials, and shrinkage of full-scale girders cast with self-consolidating concrete.
What is at first most arresting in the mourning figures is their fabrication out of plastic and compressed wood carved by a computer-controlled lathe, so that the surface here undulates like skin, there is terraced like a hillside in China, there again evokes butcher block or marquetry--a bravura display of finishes and effects.
It is the most environmentally friendly within Kirklees - solar panels, a wind turbine, a biomass boiler using compressed wood pellets and a special system to recycle water will all ensure this is an energy efficient school which creates 55% of its own electricity.
In addition, carpenters built cabinets out of Forest Service-certified wood grown in sustainably managed forests as well as parallel strand laminate, which is made from compressed wood scraps.