compulsory acquisition

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The power of the state to appropriate private property, usually for public use and with the payment of compensation to the owner.
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A letter regarding the compulsory acquisition will be sent to all former shareholders subject to the compulsory transfer whose addresses are known.
the compulsory acquisition process becoming effective on 11 August
Security Holders The compulsory acquisition and amalgamation involve the securities of Canadian companies.
Impress shareholders who have not sold their shares into the offer before the close will receive a compulsory acquisition notice from Beach.
7 million' New Gold shares in connection with the compulsory acquisition.
In its Offer document Cyrun indicated that it would be prepared to apply compulsory acquisition procedures if it received acceptances for or acquired sufficient shares under its Offer.
Under compulsory acquisition, you can elect the form in which you are paid the consideration for your shares.
Regulatory Guide 10 Compulsory acquisition and buyouts
Pending the commencement of the Compulsory Acquisition Procedure,
30 CET, Couche-Tard Norway AS will as soon as possible (at the latest on July 24, 2012) and as provided for in the Norwegian Securities Trading Act section 6-22 (3), initiate a compulsory acquisition (squeeze-out) of any shares not tendered or held by Couche-Tard Norway AS without presenting a mandatory offer.
As set out in the compulsory acquisition notice, SMIT Shareholders whose SMIT Shares are being compulsorily acquired may apply to receive 217.
In October 2001, SingTel completed the compulsory acquisition of the shares in Optus that it did not own, increasing its stake to 100%.