CompuServe's Internet address. When originally sending e-mail to a CompuServe customer via the Internet, the comma in the CompuServe account number was turned into a dot; for example, account 71020,1560 became See CompuServe.
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We are very excited to establish a relationship with CompuServe and leverage its reach to Internet consumers through CompuServe and CompuServe.
Online in CompuServe's Arts & Entertainment Channel and on CompuServe.
This new agreement gives CompuServe members immediate access to some of the best entertainment content on the Web from the leading entertainment news authority and continues to strengthen both CompuServe and CompuServe.
Fun Stuff: For those looking for the lighter side, CompuServe.
Local: Powered by Digital City, the nation's largest locally focused online network, CompuServe.
CompuServe, one of the world's premier Internet services and the value leader in Internet access, today announced significant enhancements to its CompuServe.
In recent focus usability testing, adult consumers chose CompuServe.
Inktomi's scalable search technology will prove a tremendous asset to CompuServe members and users of CompuServe.
The following is a summary of the features and services currently available on CompuServe.
com, will inaugurate its new relationship with CompuServe and CompuServe.