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k] [right arrow] N is called computable if it can be coded as the input-output function of a Turing machine.
The first is the possibility that a particular problem is not effectively computable.
The reader will notice that in a) the agent really faces a multiplicity of solutions, in addition to limited computational capacity; b) and c) differ by the incompleteness of the information set in b); whereas in d), the problem is computable in principle but it is uneconomical to attempt to do so.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --The Medical Algorithms Company(Medal) has spent the past 15 years rigorously mining medical literature for computable health analytics, such as predictive algorithms and scores.
Contract awarded for Consultancy Services to Design & Develop Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Model Tailored For Analysing Effects of Regional Economic Architectures On Singapore Economy (FEPD)
59%, computable capital amounting to 2,821 million euro (with a surplus of 1,064 million), 1,316 branches, and 6,507 employees.
Six appendixes provide additional data, along with an explanation of the computable general equilibrium model.
The company said that using Wolfram's Computable Document Format (CDF), users can create visual depictions of their data sets, which then can be manipulated by others.
A computable general equilibrium model for environment policy analysis; the case of deforestation in the Philippines.
Specifically, pharmacy and drug allergy data on about 18,300 patients who receive care from both departments are exchanged at the highest level of interoperability--that is, in computable form; at this level, the data are in a standardized format that a computer application can act on (for example, to provide alerts to clinicians of drug allergies).
Computer scientist Dr Rebecca Mercury, who gave evidence in the court case which followed the disputed vote in Florida at the 2000 US presidential elections, told the BBC's Newsnight Scotland programme: "It is a problem that we have with this anonymity and audita-bility that these two things cannot exist in the same computable system and this is something that is a computer science fact, it is not just a theory.
BME's brands include Intermediair, Computing, Computable, Accountancy Age and Management Team, as well as its b2b online brand, VNUNet, and recruitment sites such as Intermediair.