computer game

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computer game:

see electronic gameelectronic game,
device or computer program that provides entertainment by challenging a person's eye-hand coordination or mental abilities. Made possible by the development of the microprocessor, electronic games are marketed in various formats, such as hand-held one-player
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computer game

any of various games, recorded on cassette or disc for use in a home computer, that are played by manipulating a mouse, joystick, or the keys on the keyboard of a computer in response to the graphics on the screen
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The results of the study show that our computer game improved the social skills of the participants significantly more than the psychologist-led group intervention.
The computer game which was produced using the powerful motor of "Unity" and enjoying a professional graphic and sounding displays the Iranian Navy's mighty presence in the international waters and Navy commandoes' fight with the pirates in the Gulf of Aden.
Organizers say the event aims to introduce Iran's culture and Islamic identity, discover new talents and present Iranian products to international producers and distributors of computer games.
INTERESTS: Computer games and spending time with friends.
Game Work: Language, Power, and Computer Game Culture.
I will also hopefully help establish a computer games industry in Wales, where we have only a handful of small software companies compared to England and Scotland, where there are many large developers creating some of the world's biggest games.
Karrli, as she was known, was an aspiring and talented designer of video games and computer games, as well as a prolific writer of stories, poetry and novels.
The POKER SUPERSTARS INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT computer game invites fans of all levels into the thrilling fun of a poker tournament against some of the world's top poker professionals.
This was my first real foray into the world of super-violent computer games.
There is a huge demand for qualified and skilled game designers and developers and this course is designed to provide students with a stepping stone into employment in the computer games industry or even higher level studies at university.
When people find out that the University of Wales, Newport has for two years been teaching students about designing computer games, their reaction is aptly summed up as, 'Oh, people actually design them do they?
Computer game players who struggle to put down their joy pads are wanted to take part in a documentary.

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