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While the trimmed measure still strips out gasoline the majority of the time, it also strips out the price of goods that fall the most, like computer prices, leaving a more balanced measure.
Alcaly notes the faster rate of decline in semiconductor and computer prices after 1995 and is quick to credit part of the surge in computer investment--and productivity growth--to this source.
as part of its efforts to reorganize production of notebook personal computers amid a global decline in personal computer prices and their sluggish sales.
Now, both large and small government agencies can get the computer prices negotiated under that large contract, which could result in major price savings for smaller government agencies that might not have been able to buy in volume before the "e-mall.
In fact, unlike farm prices, personal computer prices have actually fallen in absolute terms since they entered the marketplace.
With Sony and Nintendo pricing their introductory systems at $99 and personal computer prices on a downward slide, the demand for games to play on the systems is increasing, he said.
As computer prices continue to fall and ease of use continues to rise dramatically, newspaper Web site visitors are beginning to much more markedly resemble the population at large (i.
14) See "Using a hedonic model in the CPI to adjust personal computer prices for changes in quality," Consumer Price Index Detailed Report, June 1997, p.
Faced with an increasingly competitive landscape marked by shrinking computer prices, OfficeMax is revamping its computer business.
the Congressional Budget Office, anticipate that the pace of decline in computer prices will return to its historical trend and that output growth will not be sustained at its recent pace.
First, as computer prices fall, computers are used for less and less productive operations (i.
August is traditionally the month when computer prices drop and their power goes up, because the big industry show is held in August and manufacturers introduce new models and cut prices on the old ones.

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