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(cytidine triphosphate): see cytosinecytosine
, organic base of the pyrimidine family. It was isolated from the nucleic acid of calf thymus tissue in 1894. A suggested structure for cytosine, published in 1903, was confirmed in the same year when that base was synthesized in the laboratory.
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(1) (Computer Telephony Profile) See Bluetooth profiles.

(2) (Computer-To-Press) Printing directly from the computer. Since all common computer printers are essentially computer-to-press, this usage of the CTP acronym is more ambiguous than definition #3 below. It could refer to a large digital printer or to "on press" plate making (see DI press).

(3) (Computer-To-Plate) The production of printing plates directly from the computer. Also called "direct-to-plate," CTP is the digital replacement for the manual, time-consuming chemical processing that is performed when making plates from film. CTP is a stand-alone "off press" procedure, and the finished plates must be transported to and mounted on the offset printing press. The plates are mostly aluminum, but polyester, polymer and silicon are also used. For details about "on-press" plate making, see DI press.

Newspaper Plate Making
ECRM's Newsmatic machines are used in the newspaper industry for making large format plates. With capacities up to 340 plates, high-end models can produce up to 150 pages per hour at 2540 dpi. (Image courtesy of ECRM, www.ecrm.com)

Plate Making Methods
Although chemically developed CTP systems are an automated process, they still require chemical disposal and cleanup. Chemistry-free platemaking is the only environment-friendly CTP process. (Image courtesy of Presstek, Inc., www.presstek.com)

Chemistry Free
Presstek's Vector FL52 is a chemistry-free CTP system. A metal plate is inserted, thermally imaged, water-rinsed, ejected and press-ready in one step. (Image courtesy of Presstek, Inc., www.presstek.com)
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Raster image processors are key parts of computer-to-plate systems.
Adobe PostScript gives our customers the gold standard in software compatibility, furthering our mission of providing practical computer-to-plate systems for mainstream printing.
The Adobe PostScript ZAPrip will be sold as a part of a ready-to-use computer-to-plate system, including software, interface electronics, a Pentium-based platform, and the PlateStream hardware.
District Court for the District of Massachusetts has ruled that six Agfa patents for computer-to-plate (CTP) technology - which Agfa had asserted against Creo - are unenforceable due to acts of inequitable conduct.
Using high powered, semi-conductor laser diodes, the computer-to-plate system images directly onto the Company's PEARLwet(TM) ABL or PEARLdry(TM) ABL thermal plates for use on either a dampening system or waterless printing press.
Presstek is also engaged in the development of additional products and applications that incorporate its proprietary PEARL technologies and consumables, including both computer-to-plate and other direct-to-press applications.
The strength of new products launched at the show, especially the Magnus(TM) VLF computer-to-plate system, new versions of the Prinergy(R) and Brisque(R) workflow management software and our broad thermal plate offering, drove customer demand," said Amos Michelson, chief executive officer of Creo.
Creo also launched Creo Complete solutions to help smaller and mid-sized printers in Europe benefit quickly from the move to a computer-to-plate (CTP) environment.
At drupa 95, nine years ago, Creo showed its first computer-to-plate device.

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