computing device

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computing device

Any electronic equipment controlled by a CPU, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. It usually refers to a general-purpose device that can accept software for many purposes in contrast with a dedicated unit of equipment such as a network switch or router.

Computing Device


a decision-making device that automatically performs one mathematical operation or a sequence of them in order to solve one problem or class of uniform problems. Computing devices can be autonomous or part of a complex system. As a rule, autonomous compuling devices are used as auxiliary means in executing calculating, design, and other problems (for example, a slide rule, a curvometer, or a planimeter). As part of complex systems, computers fill specific functions, such as that of interpolator in a machine operation system. There are analogue computers (continuous action) and digital computers (discrete action). A special class of analogue computer is formed by models; an example is the calculating board of alternating current—the mock-up of an energy system executed on a predetermined scale. Combined analogue-digital computers are occasionally used.

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WordLogic Corporation is a technology company that delivers predictive interface solutions for computing devices ranging from small hand-held devices to conventional desktop computers.
Furthermore, the convergence of smart phones, PDAs and other computing devices with wireless broadband connectivity brings almost limitless opportunity and LiveCargo wants to help people take advantage of it.
Using Tatara's patent-pending solution, remote access, location- and presence-based services can be cost-effectively extended to mobile computing device users across the platform's real-time, secure communications link, which directly connects the home provider to the end user regardless of technology.
Tatara Systems, a developer of technology platforms for service providers looking to increase revenue and extend their brands to mobile computing devices such as laptops and personal digital assistants (PDAs), today announced that its technology has been chosen by Vodafone UK to help deliver its Wireless LAN Mobile Connect Card Software Upgrade.
Xybernaut(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:XYBR) today announced that the Company has been granted a patent by the Australia Patent and Trademark Office (IP Australia) related to dual-use flat panel display (FPD) and thin client computing devices.
Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server has helped the school meet the challenge of ensuring that all students have equal access to the same information at all times regardless of their location or computing device.
Ceridian's Computing Devices International is a preferred supplier of electronic systems, systems integration and services to defense and civil government agencies worldwide.
The use of the patented technology results in a significant reduction in the startup time and improvement in the performance of applications running on computing devices.
Psion Teklogix' solid reputation in building rugged mobile computing devices that can work in the harshest environments was a key factor in our decision to work together," said Kevin Price, CEO and president, AccuCode.
MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- Shipcom Wireless to develop a range of wireless solutions using Psion Teklogix' line of rugged mobile computing devices
Psion Teklogix' mobile computing devices will be available to resellers through EMJ Data Systems as of October 1, 2004 and Tech Data as of November 1, 2004.

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