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Biology the fertilization of an ovum by a sperm in the Fallopian tube followed by implantation in the womb


A drawing of something that does not yet exist.
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Conception (Conception Charts)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Although genethliacal, or natal, astrology has settled on the birth time as the moment for casting the horoscope, astrologers have long felt that it would also be desirable to cast charts for the moment of conception. Ptolemy, for example, asserted that gender as well as certain other prenatal events could be deduced from the planets at the time of conception. However, the obvious difficulties involved in determining precise conception moments have effectively frustrated astrological research in this area. For the most part, the observation that Nicholas deVore made in his Encyclopedia of Astrology still applies: “The entire subject of prenatal cosmic stimulation is a welter of confused theorizing, which yet lacks confirmation in practice sufficient to bring about any unanimity of opinion.”

Some contemporary thinkers, nevertheless, have been intrepid enough to explore this largely uncharted domain. Of greatest significance has been the work of Eugen Jonas, a Czech psychiatrist who developed a system of astrological birth control based on the discovery that women have a cycle of fertility beyond the normal ovulation cycle—one based on the phase of the Moon. Jonas found, among many other interesting things, that the sign the Moon (which rules the principal of conception and motherhood) was in during conception determined the offspring’s sex—male in the case of masculine signs and female in the case of feminine signs.

In an effort to construct usable conception charts, some twentieth-century astrologers have picked up on the trutine of Hermes, an ancient principle for casting conception charts ascribed to the legendary Hermes Trismegistus that asserts that “the place of the Moon at conception was the Ascendant of the birth figure [i.e., conjunct the ascendant of the natal chart] or its opposite point [conjunct the descendant].” If Hermes was correct, then the trutine could be used to determine the precise time of conception in cases where the date and time of conception were known approximately. Prenatal charts relying on the trutine were seriously proposed in the early twentieth century by Walter Gornold (who wrote under the pen name Sepharial) in The Solar Epoch and by E. H. Bailey in The Prenatal Epoch.


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a particular way of understanding or interpreting an object, phenomenon, or process; the basic viewpoint on an object, phenomenon, or process, or the principal idea used to elucidate them. The term “conception” is also used to denote the underlying idea or constructive principle in science, art, technology, or politics.


Fertilization of an ovum by the sperm resulting in the formation of a viable zygote.
The mental process of forming ideas, especially abstract ideas.
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The extent and radicalness of antisemitism in a social and political system are fundamentally dependent on its material and conceptional concretization--which itself has been made realizable by the modern ambivalence of enlightened thought, because capitalist totality has produced economic foundations that are essentially identical around the world, and the potential for an antisemitic reaction to the ambivalent uncertainties of the modern is equally evident everywhere.
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Accordingly, the paper analyzes the possibilities of development of mass public transport (MPT) from the angle of modernizing and renewal the bus subsystem through the application of new constructional and conceptional solutions based on alternative fuels.