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concerto grosso:

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, musical composition usually for an orchestra and a soloist or a group of soloists. In the 16th cent. concertare and concertato implied an ensemble, either vocal or instrumental.
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Concerto Grosso


ensemble-orchestral music of the 17th and 18th centuries based on the juxtaposition of a group of solo instruments (the concertino) and the full orchestra or ensemble (ripieno, or tutto).

A type of concerto, the concerto grosso originated in Italy in the mid-17th century, almost simultaneously with the solo concerto. The concertino usually includes two violin parts, a cello, and a figured bass. This was also the instrumentation for the trio sonata, which was prevalent at the time. At first the number of movements varied from four to seven, but with time the three-movement concerto grosso—allegro-adagio-allegro—became standard. Wind instruments were sometimes used with the string instruments.

A. Corelli, G. Torelli, and A. Vivaldi are among the out-standing Italian composers of concerti grossi. In the 18th century the genre spread to other countries. In Germany, G. P. Telemann, J. S. Bach, and G. F. Handel wrote works that were similar in style to the concerto grosso. With the resurgence of interest in baroque music, some 20th-century composers, including M. Reger, E. Křenek, and I. F. Stravinsky, have turned to the concerto grosso form.

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The chain goes back even further, to 1709, when the confusingly-named Giuseppe Torelli published a set of 12 concerti grossi, of which the sixth is announced as un pastorale per il Santissi-i mo Natale (pastoral for the Most Holy e Christmas): and the word "pastoral" it-t self refers to shepherds caring for their sheep.
In the year preceding the copyright date (1997) of this Eulenburg edition, there appeared a seminal article by the Dutch scholar Rudolf Rasch, the leading modern authority on the Roger-Le Cene publishing firm, which clarified once and for all the sequence of events attending the publication of Corelli's concertos ("Corelli's Contract: Notes on the Publication History of the Concerti Grossi .
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Handel was the great rival of Arne and is of course celebrated for his oratorios and concerti grossi.
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Five Concerti grossi explored the legacy of the Baroque and its influence in the 21st century with two new works and music by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.
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The 18th-century composer's works, influenced by his friend Germiniani, is very worth reviving, and here we have the 12 Concerti Grossi Opus 9 and the 6 of Opus 10 in two CDs from Divine Art.
The Avison Ensemble has already recorded Concerti Grossi, by Charles Avison, for Naxos and Hyperion, and now give us his arrangements for Concerti grossi of the 12 sonatas for violin and Basso Continuo by Geminiani.