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concerto grosso:

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, musical composition usually for an orchestra and a soloist or a group of soloists. In the 16th cent. concertare and concertato implied an ensemble, either vocal or instrumental.
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Concerto Grosso


ensemble-orchestral music of the 17th and 18th centuries based on the juxtaposition of a group of solo instruments (the concertino) and the full orchestra or ensemble (ripieno, or tutto).

A type of concerto, the concerto grosso originated in Italy in the mid-17th century, almost simultaneously with the solo concerto. The concertino usually includes two violin parts, a cello, and a figured bass. This was also the instrumentation for the trio sonata, which was prevalent at the time. At first the number of movements varied from four to seven, but with time the three-movement concerto grosso—allegro-adagio-allegro—became standard. Wind instruments were sometimes used with the string instruments.

A. Corelli, G. Torelli, and A. Vivaldi are among the out-standing Italian composers of concerti grossi. In the 18th century the genre spread to other countries. In Germany, G. P. Telemann, J. S. Bach, and G. F. Handel wrote works that were similar in style to the concerto grosso. With the resurgence of interest in baroque music, some 20th-century composers, including M. Reger, E. Křenek, and I. F. Stravinsky, have turned to the concerto grosso form.

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This particular piece, his Concerto Grosso "Follia," is based on a tune that several heavy-hitting composers have taken a smack at over the centuries - Marin Marais and C.
30pm, also features Bach's Concerto for Two Violins, Corelli's Concerto Grosso Op.
The final offering of the first half was the familiar Opus 3 Concerto Grosso No.
The concerts feature two of Bach's Brandenburg concertos - his suite in B minor and a Concerto Grosso by Handel.
The concert will feature Correlli's Concerto Grosso, Op.
Program B features the New York premieres of Helgi Tomasson's The Fifth Season and Mark Morris' Joyride, as well as Tomasson's Concerto Grosso and Balanchine's The Four Temperaments.
The band sounded superbly unified at every turn, the Concerto Grosso no.
Vivaldi's Concerto in A Minor for Two Oboes and Strings and his Concerto in E Minor for Four Violins; Leo's Concerto in D Minor for Violoncello; Bach's Concerto for Oboe D'amore in G Major; Locatelli's Concerto Grosso in D Major; Fasch's Concerto in C Minor for Bassoon, Two Oboes, and Strings; and Handel's Concerto Grosso in A Minor.
With no new work of his own, artistic director Tomasson programmed his Prism (2000), Concerto Grosso (2003), 7 for Eight (2004), and Meistens Mozart (1991).
Each of the WAMF ensembles commissioned new music in 2004, including A Concerto Grosso for Four Soloists and Brass from Alun Hoddinott, Legends of the Bear for Symphonic Wind Orchestra from Gareth Wood, and Swamba, for National Youth Jazz Wales, from Dave Firman.
Corelli's Concerto Grosso in G minor is better known as his Christmas Concerto due to its beautiful heart's-easing pastoral finale, a tender musical evocation of the nativity scene.
For the Leamington concert, which includes VW's Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, Oboe Concerto and Concerto Grosso, the orchestra will have a special guest.