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said Berg, glancing round at Natasha, and as if anxious to conciliate her, replying to her intent look with a smile.
Cassandra asked him, not from a genuine desire to visit the reptiles, but in obedience to her new-born feminine susceptibility, which urged her to charm and conciliate the other sex.
Hewet made it his business to conciliate the outsiders as much as possible.
As it was, she constantly doubted her own conclusions, because she felt her own ignorance: how could she be confident that one-roomed cottages were not for the glory of God, when men who knew the classics appeared to conciliate indifference to the cottages with zeal for the glory?
If you would but conciliate her a little, and adopt a friendly, open manner--and even confide your grievances to her--real grievances, such as you have a right to complain of--it is my firm belief that she would, in time, become your faithful friend, and a comfort and support to you, instead of the incubus you describe her.
It might be worth while to conciliate the old woman by a little act of attention.
In her interests, the wise thing and the merciful thing to do was to conciliate the fellow before I left the house.
Du Bruel was not lacking in those diplomatic little tricks which go so far to conciliate general good-will.
And do not let him be so exasperated; if you can conciliate him, you will have done good service to the Athenian people.
When she spoke to her husband it was evidently with a wish to soothe and conciliate him.
He looks well, indeed,' returned Ralph, who, for some purposes of his own, seemed desirous to conciliate the schoolmaster.
What annoys me the most, is his occasional attempts at affectionate fondness that I can neither credit nor return; not that I hate him: his sufferings and my own laborious care have given him some claim to my regard - to my affection even, if he would only be quiet and sincere, and content to let things remain as they are; but the more he tries to conciliate me, the more I shrink from him and from the future.