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RC Church
a. the closed apartments where the college of cardinals elects a new pope
b. a meeting of the college of cardinals for this purpose



an assembly of cardinals convened after the death of the pope in Rome for the election of a new pope.

The assembly meets in quarters isolated from the outside world (the doors are sealed shut). The election is carried out by secret ballot. To be elected, a candidate must receive at least one more than two-thirds of the vote. The quarters are opened only after the election of a new pope. This arrangement was approved at the Second Council of Lyon in 1274.

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Several events such as a rally, college and job fairs are planned for the community, conclave attendees and their guests.
All the issues relating how institution of the Akal Takht can be strengthened and its independent role ensured in Sikh affairs would be discussed in details in the Conclave,'' said Dr.
According to Zameel Ameen, director of Experiment Events, the biggest challenge in conducting the conclave was reaching out to as many entrepreneurs as possible who have unique ideas and the attitude for entrepreneurship.
The Pakistani delegations besides conclave will also have one on one interactions with their counterparts for the promotion of trade and investment avenues in different sectors among member countries, said the press release.
SECRET SERVICE Cardinals at conclave in Vatican Chapel
Middle schoolers acted as cardinals, Swiss Guards, priests, sisters, nurses, reporters and security personnel to reenact a conclave for the whole school.
Vatican City: Cardinals prepared for a second day of conclave behind the Vatican's walls to elect a pope on Wednesday, with all eyes on a chimney that will signal when there is a new leader for the world's 1.
htm) Papal Conclave: Still No Pope on Morning Session of 2nd Conclave Day; Cardinal Turkson Overtakes Archbishop Scola in Paddy Power Bets
And of the College of Cardinals, only "active" cardinals below the age of 80 at the time of the Pope's death or resignation are summoned to conclave as electors.
He told a news conference that it was "likely" the conclave in the Sistine Chapel would start either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
THE Sistine Chapel has been closed to visitors as work gets under way to prepare it for the conclave, where cardinals from around the world will gather to elect the new pope.