concrete anchor

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anchor, anchorage

medieval anchors, 10
anchor, 9
anchors, 1
1. A device such as a metal rod, wire, or strap, for fixing one object to another, as specially formed metal connectors used to fasten together timbers, masonry, trusses, etc.
2. In prestressed concrete, a device to lock the stressed tendon in position so that it will retain its stressed condition.
3. In precast concrete construction, a device used to attach the precast units to the building frame.
4. In slabs on grade, or walls, a device used to fasten to rock or adjacent structures to prevent movement of the slab or wall with respect to the foundation, adjacent structure, or rock.
5. A support which holds one end of a timber fast.
6. A device used to secure a window or doorframe to the building structure; usually adjustable in three dimensions; also see doorframe anchor.
8. The anchor-shaped dart in the egg-and-dart molding; also called anchor dart.
9. A device used in a piping system to secure the piping to a structure; typically provided by a metal insert in an overhead concrete slab or beam.
10. A wrought-iron clamp, of Flemish origin, on the exterior side of a brick building wall that is connected to the opposite wall by a steel tie-rod to prevent the two walls from spreading apart; these clamps were often in the shape of
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When Gardner arrived on the job site, he realized the importance of removing the existing concrete anchors with safety and care.
The ISO 9001 certified Glotman Simpson Group, well-known for its most recent completion of a seismic restraint manual for the Electrical Contractor's Association of British Columbia, is evaluating tests for the patented concrete anchors against industry-standard, seismic design requirements for anchors.
is Michigan's leading manufacturer of concrete anchor devices and distributor of fasteners, including nuts, bolts, screws and rivets.
Sheet piles shall be braced with the underlying rods attached new longitudinal concrete anchor.
These new grout anchors are anchored in a concrete anchor seat which is located on the outside of the existing kesp.
The floating pontoon shall be secured in location by 4 no restraining arms secured with pinned connections to reinforced concrete anchor blocks constructed within the adjacent rock armour revetment.
The pontoon will be restrained in position by marine grade steel chain and reinforced concrete anchor blocks placed on the sea bed.