concrete collar

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concrete collar, doughnut

A collar of reinforced concrete which is placed around an existing column so that it can be jacked up; the shrinkage of the concrete causes it to grip the column firmly.
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However the creation of a concrete collar around it for a ring road has perhaps been to for businesses inside it, which have struggled to expand.
Former councillor Renee Spector was key player on Birmingham's powerful planning committee for 17 years, including six as chairman, during which time developments such as Brindleyplace, the Bullring and Selfridges and the breaking of the concrete collar came through.
The dream of smashing that concrete collar is not yet realised.
It should also not be underestimated that the Paradise Circus site is ripe for redevelopment as part of the ongoing plan to break Birmingham City Centre's concrete collar - a process which began with the demolition of Masshouse Circus.
ST CHAD'S tunnel, one of Birmingham's most famous structures, could be demolished as part of radical plans to break the city centre's concrete collar.
The concrete collar Queensway inner ring road cutting off the central core and stifling growth, the dingy pedestrian subways and the shoddy high-rise buildings thrown up without any thought given to their suitability.
It really does make you think hard about what anyone needs to achieve before those within the concrete collar around London start to recognise regional grandees whose influence impacts across the nation Is it the case that the mere fact that Bishop Derek lives and works outside the capital makes him a second-class citizen?
Work has all but finished on redeveloping the former Mason Hall complex which unforgivingly hugged the corner of this site in a brick and concrete collar.
Mr McCloud described Birmingham's city centre layout as "pretty dysfunctional" and that cracking the so-called concrete collar of the ring road was key to its redesign.
In a report to committee, they state that the tower is "of exceptional design quality", that it "signifies the spillage of the city centre" out of the old concrete collar and contrasts with the "amorphous mass of the iconic Selfridges building".