concrete footing

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footing beam

Same as tie beam, 2.
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Its 16-inch on-center construction is ramset into concrete footing.
O'Brien said a concrete footing is already in place next to the hotel for the sky bridge.
existing odor control room including, concrete footing, concrete floor, entry door, floor drain, etc.
All of the wood frame constructions are on concrete footing foundations and finished with a neutral-tone, cement-composition siding exterior and asphalt-composition shingle roofs.
Shulman cut away the damaged floor and stripped the old lath and plaster off the walls, Next, he poured a concrete footing, added new floor framing, and installed a plywood subfloor.
A long concrete footing was poured for the vertical supports of the veranda.
Along the street, the fence's concrete footing acts as a retaining wall; 4-by-4 fence posts attach with metal straps.
100/100/3mm, in length of 2600mm, with 500mm thereof being fixed into a concrete footing of dim.
Its 16-inch on-center construction is fastened into the concrete footing.
Form-A-Drain is a patented three-in-one concrete footing form system, foundation drainage system and sub-slab perimeter radon reduction system.
The object of his attention was a shiny new 110-foot light pole made of galvanized steel, which had just been lifted into the air by a crane and gently slipped onto a concrete footing on the north end of the east grandstand.
Lay a single course of bricks on top of the concrete footing and fix the base - or the greenhouse frame without a base to the bricks.