concrete formwork

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A temporary construction to contain wet concrete in the required shape while it is cast and setting.
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Carpentry Level Three will include concrete formwork and will be expanded to include heavy formwork.
Fibertex offers a product range of needlepunch nonwovens addressing industrial applications such as carpet backings, furniture and bedding (mattresses), filtration as well as technical applications such as civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and landfill supported with Fibertex geotextiles and concrete formwork liner.
Dam: Bulk material (solid) 30,000 m3 Overflow edge 240 m Greening 12~620 m2 Dammkronen- and maintenance of roads 700 m Water works: ME[micro]hlinbachumleitung 230 m 8~100t block style SteinpflEnsterung in concrete Culvert structure and wing walls in situ: 650 m3 concrete Formwork 1~900 m2 Reinforcement (limp) 75 t Pipeline: Sewer Hellikon / Zuzgen: 40 m double pipe: Inner pipe DN 315 HDPE SDR 26; Outer pipe DN 400 HDPE SDR 17 Zeiningen: 60 m double pipe inner pipe DN 500 HDPE, HDPE outer pipe DN 700 Electric: laying conduits DN 100, L = 720 m Drainage conduit: 120 m
Donley's has a reputation for "building showcase facilities that stand the test of time" and is well known for its custom concrete formwork.
Approximately 1800 m3 excavation, backfilling around 2 800 m3, about 3 300 m3 concrete work, about 13 200 m2 formwork, of which about 2 500 as a concrete formwork SB 3 in board structure or smooth, about 450 tons of reinforcing steel, 400 m3 exterior masonry brick, about 140 m3 interior masonry KS, about 400 m2 seal carcass Relevant TGA as inlays and Betonkernaktivierung.
specializes in concrete formwork, tilt-up and concrete-related products.
the construction, preparation, cleaning and later removal of all concrete formwork
com/reports/c18630) has announced the addition of the Chinese Concrete Formwork Special Survey - 2004 to their offering.
With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Aluma is a global leader in concrete formwork, shoring and industrial services with operations in over 50 countries.
Trades include, but are not limited to; demo, excavation, earthwork, AC paving, stop/slide/sluice gates, concrete, concrete formwork & accessories, rebar, grout, structural steel, metal fabrication, metal stairs, thermal insulation, vapor retarders, joint protection, metal doors & frames, door hardware, glazing, acoustical ceilings, painting & coatings, resilient flooring, identification devices , toilet & bath accessories, metal lockers, pre-engineered canopies, lab equipment, floor mats & frames, fire suppression, filtration screens, misc.
Commercial Metals Company , headquartered in Irving, Texas, announced today the acquisition of substantially all of the operating assets of the Denver location of Symons Corporation, a concrete formwork supplier servicing construction needs throughout the Rocky Mountain states.
com/reports/c21303) has announced the addition of Chinese Concrete Formwork Special Survey - 2004 to their offering.