Concrete Mixer

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concrete mixer

[′käŋ‚krēt ‚mik·sər]
(mechanical engineering)
A machine with a rotating drum in which the components of concrete are mixed.

Concrete Mixer


a construction machine used for preparing concrete by mechanically mixing its components (cementing material, aggregates, and water).

The basic working element of a concrete mixer is the mixing drum, rotated by an electric motor. Stationary concrete mixers, used as equipment at concrete plants and installations, are differentiated from mobile ones, utilized for small-scale jobs. According to the nature of their operation, concrete mixers may be cycle-action, the most widespread type, or continuous-action. Cycle-action concrete mixers, which are loaded with materials, turn out a prepared mix in separate portions; continuous-action concrete mixers carry on a nonstop mixing of components and discharge of prepared mix.

According to the method of preparing the mix, concrete mixers may be subdivided into gravitational concrete mixers, in which the concrete mix is agitated in the rotating drum by blades attached to its inner surfaces, and concrete mixers using forced agitation that takes place in a stationary drum by blades which move in relation to the walls. The quantity of prepared mix turned out by cycle-action concrete mixers produced in the USSR ranges from 65 to 1,600 liters. A concrete mixer which is mounted on a truck chassis is called a concrete mixer truck.


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concrete mixer, cement mixer

A machine that mixes concrete ingredients by means of paddles or a rotating drum. Raw materials usually are introduced into the mixing drum through its open end and discharged by tilting the mixing drum to allow the concrete to pour out.
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