concrete reinforcement

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1. In reinforced concrete, metal bars, rods, wires, or other slender members which are embedded in concrete in such a manner that the metal and the concrete act together in resisting forces.
2. Material added to provide additional strength.
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Finally, the last part of the book discusses possible applications of recycled textiles, including using recycled products in the operating theatre, for soil stabilisation and in concrete reinforcement.
Chomarat, based in Le Cheylard, France, established C-GRID corrosion resistant carbon grid structures to take over welded wire steel mesh as an internal concrete reinforcement.
Throughout the coming years, we will continue to deliver all the services and products you have come to expect from Maxwell Supply companies, plus adding new ones like Fibermesh concrete reinforcement fibers, that can make concrete jobs easier and more efficient.
Unlike competitive products, it is cold-worked, giving it higher yield strength, and is produced in preformed sheets that eliminate the time-consuming job-site layout and tying that is typical of the industry's predominant concrete reinforcement.
Works to strengthen the VIPP work on Highway 211 A7N the implementation of bonded composite material, concrete reinforcement and prestressing (on struts).
Now we will have the number one name in concrete reinforcement fibers to distribute as well.
MMFX, an emerging leader in the development of new technologies that are producing, among other things, the next generation of steel products, drafted the specification: the ASTM A1035-04 Low-Carbon, Chromium steel bars for concrete reinforcement at 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi).
We strive to offer the highest quality products and services available to us such as the Fibermesh brand of concrete reinforcement fibers.
These new machines, many of which are imported from Europe where WWR commands as much as 40 percent of the concrete reinforcement market, combine flexible welding heads with computer-aided design (CAD) controls.
168 km on the web: Development 27,000 m3 of reinforced concrete: 485 m3 of concrete reinforcement steel: 91 t, Upper Baur Beiten 210 m.
Most products are components used for laying concrete, such as concrete reinforcement, curing, and forming systems.
For more than 100 years, Propex has brought solutions that displace outdated technologies - transforming established industries from carpet backing to concrete reinforcement, and catalyzing better practices in construction, engineering, erosion control, water management and transportation.

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