concrete reinforcement

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1. In reinforced concrete, metal bars, rods, wires, or other slender members which are embedded in concrete in such a manner that the metal and the concrete act together in resisting forces.
2. Material added to provide additional strength.
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The PNS 49:2002 specifies the requirements for deformed steel bars for concrete reinforcement.
With the Duterte administration's plan to spend close to P1 trillion on airports, seaports, major roads and bridges and farm-to-market roads in the next few years, Sy said MRTC wanted to be a major supplier of quality steel bars for concrete reinforcement.
ASTM A970/A970M-07,14 "Standard Specification for Headed Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement," should also be satisfied by the requirements of Section 3.
Today it is used in a range of applications, including industrial ropes, cables, optical fiber cables, rubber belts and hoses and concrete reinforcement, among others.
Every kind of machines for cutting and bending concrete reinforcement steel rebars are showcased by Oscam, an Italy-based firm for automatic machines and plants for re-inforced steel processing.
Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI 315-99)," American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, MI, 1999, 44.
Study of the Corrosion of Concrete Reinforcement by Electrochemical Impedance Measurement, Corrosion Rates of Steel in Concrete, ASTM STP 1065.
They cover types of fibrous textiles and structures, fibrous materials as a concrete reinforcement material, and composites based on fibrous materials.
The application of these machines ranges from shell structure, wall structure, reinforced concrete road, retaining wall, protection slope, grating trench cover, floor grating, grill floor, metal floor, ribbed and pressed metal mesh, forge-welded grating, concrete reinforcement, construction fence, concrete forming system, reinforcement fabric, concrete meshes, prefabricated steel reinforcing material and fabricated stainless steel wirework, all of these construction works are able to be finished by GSA series BRC wire mesh welding machine.
In other areas, there was no need to spend that much money on concrete reinforcement and steel, Al Marzouqi said.
Engineers used twice as much concrete reinforcement - known as "backfill" - in Cromac Street in a bid to avoid it caving in at the key junction in the sewage network.
Today, lubricants and super lubricants are used in concrete reinforcement networks to reduce the viscosity of concrete.

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