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The application of liveweight prediction and body condition scoring in Bali cattle farming
Any steps that can be taken to reduce these problems in a herd, such as sire selection and condition scoring, should have a positive effect.
The Better Returns Programme manual Improving ewe nutrition for better returns explains the fundamental rules of sheep feeding and how management tools such as Body Condition Scoring (BCS) can help producers ensure that they are feeding ewes the right amount for their needs.
Body condition scoring system is a useful method for evaluating body energy reserves and is widely used for evaluating nutritional status in dairy cows (Wildman et al.
It will be a lighthearted exercise, with some clear informative ideas on how to utilise body condition scoring as a management tool," said TAG co-ordinator Emyr Wyn Owen.
Given the lack of consistent effects in the literature, and that in the present study both lamb glucose concentrations in early life and survival to weaning were not affected by ewe BCS, it is unlikely that over the range of BCSs tested, body condition scoring could be used as a tool to improve lamb colostrum intake and survival.