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Developed in collaboration with qualitative investors and computer science PhDs at a private asset manager, Conditionality enables qualitative investors to break the barrier between their forward-looking investment arguments and the scenario analysis to maximize upside opportunity while controlling downside risk in their portfolios.
There is an intimate connection between if-and-only-if conditionality for mitigating settlement risk, finality, and the use of time-critical liquidity.
Othon Anastasakis (8) made an overview of normative and functional conditionality in the Western Balkans and emphasised the problem of criteria inconsistency on the part of EU.
Again, some disabled people will have conditionality attached to their benefits regime.
Magen, Risse, Mc Faul (2009) have labeled democratic assistance as "capacity building", and socialization as "normative suasion"; they also put ex post inducements and ex ante conditionality in the same analytic category (1).
To illustrate conditionality, we assume that the donor follows the World Bank (1998a) in adhering to the empirical findings of Burnside and Dollar (2000) that aid only increases economic growth if the tight macroeconomic policies are sustained.
Conditionality can be defined as an agreement between two actors, in which actor 1 offers a reward to actor 2.
Conditionality is a semantic feature, but in the case of Mari languages, semantics cannot be limited to a single morpheme or a single word.
But there is conditionality that Air-India must put its best foot forward.
This means that the IMF would have to lend rapidly during balance-of-payments crises, and do so without the overburdening conditionality of the past, particularly when crises stem from rapid reversal of capital flows or a sharp deterioration in terms of trade.
In a meeting attended by Finance Minister Karim Djoudi, the G24 praised the measures decided by the Fund to ease the loan conditions, particularly the recourse to prospective conditionality based on periodical reconsiderations, and called on for a fair and broad implementation of the new loan conditions taking into account the different needs of the member states and the exogenous nature of the crisis.
once the countries join, conditionality loses most of its power.

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